Solving Multiple 4001 and 4201 Error events in Operations Manager Log

In Operations Manager log I observed multiple 4001 and 4201 Error and Warning Log Entries with reason: Invalid class Continue reading

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Agent Average Send Queue Size with a Blue Bar State Widget

I found this great article by Wei H Lim which displays the health state, patch level and average Send Queue size of each agent. By this we can quickly visualize which agents are collecting a lot of monitoring data. Here is a sample of a widget:weihlimagentaveragequeuesize

C U Soon

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Using PowerShell ISE snippets to connect to SCOM

As you probably know PowerShell ISE snippets are great. If you do not know you can check this post.

Since I am connecting to SCOM through PowerShell a lot and I am lazy, I created a snippet so I do not have to type it each and every time.

The process goes as follows:
1. Open PowerShell ISE
2. Hit Ctrl+J
3. Browse for previously created snippetctrljselectsnippet
5. Code is prepopulatedpopulatedscomconnectionsnippet01
4. Run it with F5

And we are ready to rock roll:

If you find this idea useful, here is a code you have to paste and run it in PowerShell ISE to create a snippet (just modify credentials and OpsMgr Server name):

$NameOfSnippet = "ScomConnection"
$Description = "Connection to SCOM"

$Snippet = @'
$Creds = Get-Credential CONTOSO\homer.simpson
$MsName = "ScomServer01"

New-SCOMManagementGroupConnection -ComputerName $MsName -Credential $Creds

New-IseSnippet -Title $NameOfSnippet -Description $Description   -Text $Snippet

Till next time

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Gas, Diesel or Hybrid – To Cloud or not to Cloud?

That was question I have been asked quite often lately. The question is should we run our resources in Cloud (on Gas)? Is better way to run it OnPrem (Diesel)? Years ago when I was visiting Seattle I saw a lot of Hybrid cars on the streets. Maybe this is the way to go?

Answering these questions can be complex, but I found this great whitepaper written by Daniel Örneling which addresses the issue and forced me to think from different perspective. Continue reading

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Windows Server Operating System Management Pack Extension Update – v1.2.5.6

In the end of the last year I updated my Custom Operating System Management pack. I added few things to it 😉

Custom Logged in Users => Returns Logged users on Computer
Custom Log Out User => Log Out User from Computer

Unexpected shutdown => Collects Server Unexpected Shutdown
Pending reboot => Collects Servers which are in pending reboot state

Custom PS Remote task was Deprecated since it was included in Microsoft OS MP.

Updated MP can be downloaded from here.

Here are few details.. Continue reading

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Custom SCOM Dashboard with PowerShell Grid Widget

A while ago I wanted to create a simple Dashboard which uses PowerShell Grid Widget. I soon found this article.

So I started from there..

The scenario I wanted to do is to get status and uptime of computers which I select in SCOM Dashboard. And the outcome was this:


If you want to know how to do it read more 😉

Continue reading

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Operations Manager 2012 R2 Custom PowerShell Module

This Module was updated.

Get-JLabSCOMInfrastructureVersion CmdLet now also recognizes UR9

This post will talk about my new PowerShel SCOM Module.

CmdLets in this Module:
Get-JLabSCOMAgentManagementGroup => Gets to which management Groups Particular Microsoft Monitoring Agent (MMA) is connecting.
Add-JLabSCOMAgentToManagementGroup => Adds MMA to particular management group.
Remove-JLabSCOMAgentFromManagementGroup => Removes MMA from particular management group

Get-JLabSCOMAgentManaged => Gets Agents Which are managed by Particular Management Group
Remove-JLabSCOMAgentManaged => Removes Agent from particular Management Group (for Server deprovisioning)

Get-JLabSCOMInfrastructureVersion => Gets on which UR version is currently our OpsMgr Infrastructure (Can be used to check if upgrade was successful)
Get-JLabSCOMAgentUrVersion => Displays On which UR versions are Agents in our SCOM infrastructure.

Module Can be downloaded from TechNet Gallery.

Continue reading

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