F-Secure Management Pack

Recently I have been working on new management pack which monitors F-Secure Server Security services.

Before we proceed please note that This Management pack was designed for SCOM 2012 R2. Monitoring was tested on F-Secure Server Security 11.00 and E-Mail and Server Security 11.00

Since we have SCOM and F-Secure infrastructure on latest the greatest versions we can proceed 🙂 Right?

OK let’s see how the thing actually looks.

Here Are Management Pack Views:


F-Secure Servers State View displays all Windows servers in SCOM with F-Secure “Agent” Installed.

Since it is good to know which servers in our system are without Anti-Virus software we also have: F-Secure Not Installed View which displays all Windows servers which are without F-Secure. All six F-Secure Services are monitored.

We have also separate view for Policy Manager Server and Policy Manager Proxy roles. Here too 2 services for server and one for Proxy are monitored.

I also created alert views. Alerts automatically close once Service returns to Running Status.

Through Tasks I made it possible to restart and start services from SCOM Console:


Beside restarting Services you can get 10 Last Log Entries from selected server.

I am also thinking to create auto recovery if service goes down and also to restart service if it takes to much resources. But this is for the next release since I want to get baseline first, or in other words what is the expected performance impact of F-Secure products on Microsoft OS.

You can download This Management Pack from TechNet Gallery

Once Downloaded use regular Import procedure.

Have a Nice one



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2 Responses to F-Secure Management Pack

  1. Steve says:


    Just downloaded this MP,i’m testing it under SCOM 2012 SP1,and it seems to work,except for the F-secure not installed view for which status stays “not analysed”.Great work anyway 🙂 Do you plan to maintain this MP for future F-secure releases?

    Kind regards

    • jurelab says:

      Hi Steve,

      Thanks. If F-Secure is not installed on agent then there is no service to monitor. So no monitors are “attached” to class instance. Hope this makes sense. I could also set monitor to check if F-Secure is installed on server. In case when server is without all those would be in Critical or Warning state..

      Actually I updated management pack but I did not publish it since I added few things which are specific to our environment. If you have an idea what would you like in this MP let me know and I Will se what I can do..


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