Installing and Configuring “HP Servers Management Pack”


Today I am going to talk on how to deploy SCOM Management pack for HP Servers and Blade Systems. You can download it from HP site and it is a part of HP Insight Control for System Center 7.32

There is a blog post which Stanislav Zhelyazkov wrote for an older version back in 2012. If you use his guide installation should go smoothly.

I will just add few things I found while deploying it. So lets go..

1. Deployed it on Agent Server

I deployed HPSCOMManagementPacks-x64.exe on An Agent Server. Stanislav mentions it in his blog, but I Actually tried and it Works. Personally I do not like to install third party products on SCOM infrastructure which includes Apache, PostgreSQL or other third party products. We want to have our SCOM infrastructure clean and neat.

2. Device Monitor Console Not working Locally

Oh but it Works. After some troubleshooting I ran it as an Administrator. If running it in elevated mode connection to localhost is possible.

3. Testing Virtual Connect (VC)

Stanislav mentions in his blog how to test Onboard Administrator  if Alerts are actually recorded in SCOM server. I could not find how to send test trap through VCs GUI. Well there is an option.. Connect to your VC through SSH and run command: test snmp-trap

If all Successfully configured you should get a Test Alert for VC

3. Cannot connect Onboard Administrator

If this is the case check firmware version. In my case it did not work with firmware version 3.30, so I upgraded it and it worked like a charm.

I also found out that it Works with 3.32 and above.

4. I installed it on Server 2012 R2 along with SNMP Service, but where are my Security, Agent and Traps Tabs?

Microsoft deprecated SNMP in Server 2012. And you have to install RSAT SNMP along with SNMP and Trap Service.

Just Run this in elevated PowerShell and you should be OK:

Install-WindowsFeature SNMP-Service,SNMP-WMI-Provider,RSAT-SNMP

Finally here is link to Stanislav cloudadministrator Blog.

I was trying to be as short as possible. I do not want to bother you more than necessary. If something is unclear do not hesitate to ask.

See you later alligator 🙂


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