SCOM 2012 R2 CU2 Dashboard Example


There are already multiple blog posts on improvements in SCOM dashboards with CU2 update. I saw a great presentation on TechEd and thought, hm this Will be interesting to use. So How to do this:

Click To Enlarge And act that you are Amazed 🙂


Actually it is Quite simple.

Create a PNG Picture for background (take a Picture, create Visio diagram, draw it in paint if you like..)

Then You Open “My Workspace View”. If we want other users Access it we can create it in Monitoring view and save it into predefined MP. But this is another topic. So you Select => New => Dashboard View => Next

New Dashboard


Grid Layout => Next => Give it a friendly Name (In My Case: HP Blades Enclosures) => Next


Select Number of Cells And Position => Create => Close:


And we are done with first part.


Now We Choose Left Cell: Click to Add a widget… => Choose: Topology Widget => Give it a name


We Click On Add => Search for objects we want to insert And add them. In My Case I inserted Particular Windows servers class since HP MP Health aggregates with it. For The Back of Rack I added HP Virtual Connect, Onboard Administrators,..


Once we are done we add image:


Choose node type (in my case Default Node) => Next => Create

Once We add all objects We simply drag and drop them to where we want them to be.

Now we choose right upper cell with click on: Click to add widget => Select Contextual Health Widget => Give it a Name And Create

We also add Widget into right lower cell => Select Contextual Alert Widget and Create it.

We are done. Contextual Widgets allows us to show Health and Alerts of the object that we choose by Clicking it on left side.

Isn’t it awesome?

Till next time



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