Check if SCOM 2012 R2 Infrastructure was upgraded to UR3

It was a while since my last post so it is time to write a new one. I wrote a simple PowerShell Script which checks if SCOM infrastructure was upgraded.

Recently I upgraded SCOM 2012 R2 DEV environment to UR3. Information on how to upgrade can be found Here

If you follow above link to KB, you should have no problems with upgrade. There are a few things from my perspective that are worth to mention.

1.) Prior installation I always reboot server and see if there are any errors after reboot
2.) After reboot I first install Microsoft updates. In this step I exclude SCOM UR3 updates.
3.) Once MSs, GWs and Web Console servers are updated I run UR3 MSP files from CMD in elevated mode
4.) I always install MSPs in order which is listed in KB (MSs, GWs, Web,..)
5.) When applying SQL Scripts if I get dead Locks in first try => I Stop: System Center Data Access Service” and “System Center Management Configuration service.” on All MSs
6.) Otherwise I follow installation instructions provided in KB

Known issues of this UR Package include:
Known issues for this update rollup
•After you install this update rollup package on all roles on the server that is running System Center Operations Manager 2012 R2 (except on the Gateway role), the updates do not appear in the Add or Remove Programs item in Control Panel.
•After you install this update rollup package, the version number of the console is not changed.
“Pasted from KB Link…”

Because of that I decided to write a PowerShell Script which will check if Installation went smoothly. So, how the scripts Works?

1.) Scripts Gets, All Management Servers, Gateway Servers and Web Console Server.
2.) Then it checks if there are event log entries which indicate that SCOM 2012 UR3 was installed.
3.) It checks file version in OpsMgr installation folder and displays all updated DLLs

This is section of a script output when Update was successful:

This is section of a script output when Update was not successful:

Script Can be run on any of Management servers. It also works through “Operations Manager Shell” (this is my preferred method). Since Gateway servers are in most cases in different domain you will need to provide credentials for each Gateway Server in SCOM infrastructure.

You can download script from Here.

Happy SCOMing

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