How to Debug SCOM agent

Sometimes it happens that agent starts crashing. If I cannot get exact cause from logs then it is time for some debugging. This is how I do it:

1. Open CMD in elevated mode (run as administrator)
2. type in: cd “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Monitoring Agent\Agent\Tools”
3. Run stoptracing.cmd
4. Delete or move all files in: c:\windows\logs\opsmgrtrace
5. Then Run: starttracing.cmd VER
6. Wait for the problem to occur or if possible trigger it
7. Once problem is observed run: stoptracing.cmd
8. Then run: formattracing.cmd
9. Copy log files to your computer

To analyze logs I usualy use SCCM tool: SMS Trace

Tool can be downloaded from here



Provide folder where you want it to be installed and open desired log files and start diggning 🙂

This how SMS Trace looks like:


Happy SCOMing

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