Do not install – OS MP 6.0.7294.0


New Fixed MP was released. Here is a link.

Changes in version 6.0.7296.0

  • In 2003, 2008, 2008R2 platforms, the mount point discovery script was also discovering logical disks as mount points which appeared to many as duplicates. These mount points for logical disks were removed to prevent confusion.
  • In 2012, 2012R2 platforms, mount point discovery was causing rediscovery of logical disks and this rediscovery resulted in rules being run again. This was fixed.
  • In all platforms, duplicate performance rules were shown for mount points and logical disks. This has been fixed.

Old OS MP 6.0.7294.0 had a serious flaw so do not install it.


Here is a link to original Daniele’s article

Here is a Connect entry so you can vote on it.

If you installed this MP current solutions as Kevin stated are:

1.  Remove (delete) the MP’s and go back to a previous version.  This is likely impossible as to many other MP’s often take dependencies on these core Base OS MP’s especially the libraries.  So you might find this to not be possible.

2.  Disable the performance collection rules in this MP temporarily, until a fixed MP ships.

3.  Do nothing, and wait for the next version of the Base OS MP’s to ship.  This is probably not advised, unless it is in a very small lab environment.

On same link Mor Adiv created a Script to disable this rules:

connec to scom
import-module operationsmanager
New-SCOMManagementGroupConnection -ComputerName (ms server name)
$MP = Get-SCOMManagementPack -displayname “Windows.Temporal.Disabled.Rules” | where {$_.Sealed -eq $False}

#get and disable 2003 rules on targeted on 2003 logical disk
$rules2003 = Get-SCOMRule | where {$_.ManagementPackName -like ‘Microsoft.Windows.Server.2003*’ -and $_.Enabled -eq ‘true’ -and $_.Target -like ‘*0b95ad7d-e73b-80cf*’}
$class2003 = Get-SCOMClass -DisplayName “Windows Server 2003 Logical Disk”
Disable-SCOMRule -Class $class2003 -Rule $rules2003 -ManagementPack $MP -Enforce

#get and disable 2008 rules on targeted on 2008 logical disk
$rules2008 = Get-SCOMRule | where {$_.ManagementPackName -like ‘Microsoft.Windows.Server.2008*’ -and $_.Enabled -eq ‘true’ -and $_.Target -like ‘*5de7b548-657d-7794*’}
$class2008 = Get-SCOMClass -DisplayName “Windows Server 2008 Logical Disk”
Disable-SCOMRule -Class $class2008 -Rule $rules2008 -ManagementPack $MP -Enforce

#get and disable 2012 rules on targeted on 2012 logical disk
$rules2012 = Get-SCOMRule | where {$_.ManagementPackName -like ‘Microsoft.Windows.Server.2012*’ -and $_.Enabled -eq ‘true’ -and $_.Target -like ‘*3d549847-ed40-6252*’ -and $_.DisplayName -notlike ‘*Corrupt Rule’}
$class2012 = Get-SCOMClass -DisplayName “Windows Server 2012 Logical Disk”
Disable-SCOMRule -Class $class2012 -Rule $rules2012 -ManagementPack $MP -Enforce

On 27.1.2015 Kevin also stated: “Guys, just a heads up there should be an updated MP coming out very soon with this issue resolved, along with fixes for mount point discoveries that were part of this root cause issue.”

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