HP MSA P2000 Management Pack – Upgrade

HP MSA P2000 Management pack was upgraded to (Previous version New version is available Here.

Here are changes from previous version:

  • Performance Collection scripts were modified to capture exception when no performance XML file is found. Warning Event 805 is logged in Operations Manager Log on MSA Monitoring Server.
  • For Physical Disk and Volume Performance Collection Scripts, timeout was Increased to 240s
  • Since there are a lot of performance counters to be collected => Performance Rules Collection Intervals were Increased from 2 to 5 minutes.
  • If you choose to change Collection Interval in order not to break Cookdown please make sure that you Change Time interval on all instances for particular class.

For example if you want to increase or decrease sample interval on vDisk Counter do it on all 5 counters (IOPS, Avg. resp. time,…) for one vDisk Instance or all vDisk Instances.

Link to previous Management pack along with installation instructions can be found Here.


C U Soon,


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3 Responses to HP MSA P2000 Management Pack – Upgrade

  1. I use this MP and agent to monitor my MSA 2040, I can see some xml file are generated in C:\Perf, and also I can see my SCOM server is under _MSA P2000 Storage. However the status is Not monitored, what can I do to activate it?
    Many thanks!

  2. Please see below screen capture

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