Is SCOM going to be lost in the haze of Cloud?


This question has been bothering me for quite a while. What are we doing, are we working on a dead product..?


I came to few conclusions while walking my pet Rex (who has extinct by the way, what an irony).

If we want to answer this question we have to compare Operations Management Suite (OMS) with SCOM.

Thing that I brainstormed was what SCOM can do that OMS cannot and vice versa. By doing that I got a hunch that:

Short answer: No.

A bit longer answer: No, at least not in near future.

Then I found this Great Whitepaper written by Cameron Fuller. He really did outstanding job by putting all the things on a paper by writing great whitepaper. 🙂 Since this is a complex question this is the best way to do it. Put all the facts in one place and then the wind blows and haze goes away. Then we can clearly see Cloud and SCOM.


Topics in this whitepaper are:

•A history of Operations Manager and what conclusions we can draw from that history

•Cloud first, mobile first, and it’s impacts on SCOM

•The Microsoft Operations Management Suite and how it compares with Operations Manager

•Monitoring available within Azure, and solutions to monitor Azure

•The Cloud Platform Stack, WAP, and Azure Stack

•Architecting Operations Manager to run in the cloud

I really really suggest you to read it. If you missed link, here it is Cameron Fuller White paper – “Tackling the elephant in the room for Operations Manager administrators


If you do not know who Rex is and want to find out read my Whoami

C U Soon


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