Gas, Diesel or Hybrid – To Cloud or not to Cloud?

That was question I have been asked quite often lately. The question is should we run our resources in Cloud (on Gas)? Is better way to run it OnPrem (Diesel)? Years ago when I was visiting Seattle I saw a lot of Hybrid cars on the streets. Maybe this is the way to go?

Answering these questions can be complex, but I found this great whitepaper written by Daniel Örneling which addresses the issue and forced me to think from different perspective.The way I see it all starts with fruits. We do not want to compare apples and oranges or do we?

We must identify differences in our services and then we can decide which ones are good candidates for Cloudification.

As Daniel stated in the Whitepaper let’s look at example of Web pages. There are times when load is low. In other times like for example during campaigns or black Friday our Web servers might be overloaded. If we want to overcome this we need to have resources available to deal peak loads. In the meantime resources are just sitting there but nonetheless we are paying for it. The alternative would be to put these loads into Cloud. In that case you pay as you go.

A second similar example is when we have a lot of data that needs to be mined. This usually happens once or few times a day but we still need resources to manage it. Like in previous example Cloud gives us ability to run those workloads on massive compute power. By this jobs are completed much faster and again pay only when we use the resource.

There is some stuff that needs to be addresses if we really want to use what Cloud has to offer. That might include redesign of our services. Moving current Services into cloud would not make such a big difference. This goes out of the scope of this debate so I will end here..

We should use technology that best suits our needs. And why not to mix Cloud with OnPrem along with Third-party products that might suit our needs.

In my opinion there are Services that are candidates to be migrated into cloud and we can start from there. We have to start somewhere and in near future we might stop talking about apples and oranges and talk just about Fruits and Gas 🙂

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