I am yet another ITPro working with a bit larger PCs called Servers who tries to survive in the haze of Clouds.

No I am not the guy with a tie I am a guy with greasy hair, nerd glasses and a black T-Shirt with Master Yoda on it.

I work in a basement without window and I prefer communicating through e-mails or IM. That is the reason I do not have phone. If you see me on the corridor I will be looking at the floor. If you were a girl I would be blushing too. But actually there is no way to see me on the corridor since Microsoft developed remote desktop…

I have a pet lizard called Rex. You can see him on the top picture. He was a gift from my friend which works at the molecular cloning laboratory. He is a good guy. Once a week we go to our favorite restaurant which I currently cannot remember name. Oh yes, no I forgot the name but it ends with donalds if I am not mistaken. OK back to my pet Rexie, he likes long walks same as I do. He doesn’t byte but he eats aloooot. Good thing is I am living next to railway so I can easily get 4 wagons of food weekly which is usually enough. During winter he eats a bit more so I order additional 2 wagons.

If you want other details visit: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jurelabrovic


One Response to whoami

  1. jurelab says:

    Feminet, thank you for Thumbs up 😉

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