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Solving Multiple 4001 and 4201 Error events in Operations Manager Log

Problem: In Operations Manager log I observed multiple 4001 and 4201 Error and Warning Log Entries with reason: Invalid class

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Agent Average Send Queue Size with a Blue Bar State Widget

I found this great article by Wei H Lim which displays the health state, patch level and average Send Queue size of each agent. By this we can quickly visualize which agents are collecting a lot of monitoring data. Here … Continue reading

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Using PowerShell ISE snippets to connect to SCOM

As you probably know PowerShell ISE snippets are great. If you do not know you can check this post. Since I am connecting to SCOM through PowerShell a lot and I am lazy, I created a snippet so I do not … Continue reading

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Gas, Diesel or Hybrid – To Cloud or not to Cloud?

That was question I have been asked quite often lately. The question is should we run our resources in Cloud (on Gas)? Is better way to run it OnPrem (Diesel)? Years ago when I was visiting Seattle I saw a … Continue reading

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Windows Server Operating System Management Pack Extension Update – v1.2.5.6

In the end of the last year I updated my Custom Operating System Management pack. I added few things to it đŸ˜‰ Tasks: Custom Logged in Users => Returns Logged users on Computer Custom Log Out User => Log Out … Continue reading

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Custom SCOM Dashboard with PowerShell Grid Widget

A while ago I wanted to create a simple Dashboard which uses PowerShell Grid Widget. I soon found this article. So I started from there.. The scenario I wanted to do is to get status and uptime of computers which … Continue reading

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Operations Manager 2012 R2 Custom PowerShell Module

This Module was updated. Get-JLabSCOMInfrastructureVersion CmdLet now also recognizes UR9 This post will talk about my new PowerShel SCOM Module. CmdLets in this Module: Get-JLabSCOMAgentManagementGroup => Gets to which management Groups Particular Microsoft Monitoring Agent (MMA) is connecting. Add-JLabSCOMAgentToManagementGroup => … Continue reading

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